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About us

Established in January 2000, Escapade Travel has managed to achieve a remarkably high position in the Egyptian Market within a short time span. Always offering our partners the best service and quality, we have managed to work with the top leading tour operators from all around the world including France, Germany, Belgium, The United States, Canada and more.
This success came about as a result of our excellent cooperation with our partners, and the first-class experience we give our clients. Starting with our management board to the tour leader and traffic department, all of our employees have extensive experience in the field of tourism. Our employees are highly capable of exceeding our clients’ requests and requirements, and are highly motivated to give the best possible service to each and every guest.


At Escapade Travel, our vision is to become the leading tour operator in Egypt, operating every aspect of our client’s trip. Positioning ourselves in the market within the best tourism companies in Egypt,
Escapade Travel strives to be recognized for its professionalism and high quality services and products.


Achieve total satisfaction of our clients. We strive for excellence in quality and to provide the best service during the whole stay. Our main goal is to provide our clients with an unforgettable, enjoyable travel vacation, with guaranteed services that exceed their expectations, and also contribute to our sustainable tourism destinations.


We believe that the only way to truly discover the unique and amazing qualities a country has is with an experienced travel expert; and Escapade Travel’s team of specialists work with great passion, discipline and knowledge to show the client the most luxurious, enjoyable and informative trip.


We only feature hotels and lodges that meet our standards, always looking for great service, character, and value. We choose hotels based on their unique style, remarkable setting and complete dedication to satisfy and please each and every guest.


Escapade Travel Group highly values the preservation of the environment and goes to the furthest lengths to ensure that the tourism we offer is as sustainable as possible. Our trips are designed and executed with the environment in mind in order to preserve the scenic and natural beauty that is Egypt.

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