Queen of Hansa

A 5* deluxe cruise ship, built according to the classifications of the American Bureau. The M/S Queen of Hansa has 65 luxurious cabins and 2 suites distributed on the main deck and the two upper decks. The size of the cabin is 22 square meters each, and all cabins include private bathrooms. The boat also has a swimming pool and bar, as well as a beautiful sun deck with stunning views. In addition, the boat includes a delightful massage room and gym. 



A 5* deluxe cruise ship. It was inaugurated in 1983 and was completely renovated in summer

2009. The M/S Neptune has 9 cabins, each 17 square meters in size, and 30 suites distributed on

the lower, main and upper decks, ranging from 36-26 square meters. The boat also includes a sun

deck, swimming pool and bar and an elegant restaurant.


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